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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Five star across the board"

"Everyone is very friendly and the service is fast."

"Professional and efficient employees."

"All of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Quality of service"

"Being able to afford my medication without insurance!!"

"Your pharmacy is an excellent alternative to the more expensive pharmacies."

"Personal attention"

"The price"

"Super nice and informative"

"Price and pleasant staff."

"Friendly and helpful staff"

"They order the exact medication that I know works for me"

"Price and service"

"Super friendly and fast service. Always so helpful. Great prices!"

"Friendly, convenient, and less expensive"

"Great value and friendly staff. Love the store. Keep up the good work and thank you."


"The people"

"Everyone is friendly and helpful. Always ready to make sure I am getting the best deal and the right meds."

"Friendly and accurate. The human touch without costing, even remotely, as much as your antithesis - i.e. Walgreens, CVS, etc."

"Good place for a quote!"

"All of the above"

"Family owned and amazingly friendly."

"Friendly attitude."

"Locally and family owned"

"You guys are great."

"Love your business!"

"You can afford the medications"

"You guys just rock."

"Pharmacist is nice, unlike the one I encountered at HEB."


"Amazing prices with a knowledgeable pharmacy staff!"


"It's easy to use your website. Fast & quick response; love it !"

"You're the best."

"Helpful, friendly people."


"Always on time and on target"

"Good service"

"Great service, great people, great value."

"A lot easier to talk to someone than big name pharmacies"

"Savings and courtesy of staff"

"Nice & helpful"

"Affordable prices"

"Quality and price"

"Nice employees"

"Low cost + mail order! :)"


"Price and convenience"

"Everything. All of the above."


"Great people, great service, great value"

"Getting prescriptions by mail instead of driving on 35th Street!"

"That you take the insurance B.S. out of the equation."

"Professional and personable"


"Free shipping and cost competitive"

"You treat me with dignity and always answer any questions I may have with respect. I appreciate your business practices, and that you stand firm that you are here for the patient, not the insurance companies. Thank you so much."

"The staff"


"Quick service, professional staff, reasonable prices"

"Love the prices."

"Fast and efficient and I trust your company"

"Excellent in every way."

"Personalization - feels like old neighborhood pharmacy versus a national chain."

"Great prices and personal service."

"Even though I finally got health insurance again, I'd rather do business with you guys than some faceless corporate giant who doesn't give a hoot about me, only their profits. :D"

"Friendly people willing to help in any way they can to give you the best value while, at the same time, remaining concerned about your health and well being."

"Friendly staff. Low cash prices. No games with insurance."

"Low prices, friendly staff"



"Outstanding customer service"

"Friendly staff and great prices."

"They work with you to help you find the best value meds for your price range"

"Friendliness, cost"

"Friendly and also supportive!"

"The people. Everyone is pleasant."

"You are all awesome!"


"Very easy to order and the prescriptions always arrive on time"

"Cost of medication"

"Trans friendly!!!!"

"Awesome people and of course the cash discount"

"Friendly, personalized service; being known and recognized when I come in. Y'all rock!"

"Ease of doing business"

"That you attempt to save customers the cost of medications."


"Affordable price"


"Fast; easy to get in and out"

"The staff at Medsavers Pharmacy is very helpful and friendly."

"It's incredibly small. It reminds me of yesteryear. The folks behind the counter actually LISTEN to you when you talk to them."

"Fast, friendly, and helpful staff. That's not common for pharmacies, generally."

"Price and online refills."

"Very professional and pretty fast!"

"Chris is the best. To open a pharmacy and not accept insurance was very brave. They treat me like family when I go in. Can't say enough good things about them."


"Love the refill reminders on my phone!"

"Price, timeliness"

"Very kind."

"The personal service in feeling like you are more than just a number!"

"Friendly, local, and good value"

"The personal care and kindness"

"Happy, knowledgable people taking care of us."

"Service and reasonable prices"

"Small business; work to earn my business; local business; best value; likable people"

"Excellent customer service"

"Saves people without insurance."

"Always friendly and willing to answer questions."

"Price and people"

"The people are great! The prices are lifesaving."

"Lower prices"

"I love everything about MedSavers! They are friendly, helpful, fast, and their prices are great. I save more than $600 a month using them over Walgreens."

"Great staff; always helpful and courteous. Great value for my prescriptions. I did an experiment and checked prices against three other pharmacies and MedSavers was the best value by far."


"Knowledgeable, friendly staff; fair prices."

"The friendliest staff I have ever come across."

"Compounding & mail-order refills"

"Reliable service"

"Personal attention and service"


"Super helpful. Inexpensive! I love you guys."

"The people."


"Knowledgeable and professional staff. Good prices and easy, quick pickup."

"Trustworthy; efficient"

"The staff."


"Pricing and fast"

"Great service!"

"The staff and pharmacist are really efficient and make me feel comfortable with how much I'm paying and the quality of the medication. They also create a welcoming atmosphere."

"Great value. Efficient. Easy."


"Cost and convenience"


"They work for the customer, not the insurance companies. You helped me transfer a script for my husband, painlessly, when I got the run-around from the other pharmacy. No other pharmacy, that I know of, would do that. Can't sing you praises enough."

"I like the way everyone is eager to help."

"The people (Chris and Arturo) are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Efficient and fast!"


"Affordable prices"

"Good folks"

"Friendly, fast, and affordable."

"All of the above."

"Very low prices and awesome staff."

You can help MedSavers Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

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